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Access icon A food restribution model for "la bourse aux dons"Lopez Ballen, Jimmy Alexander2017Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon An analysis of the management of returnable transport itemsMartin, Adeline2016Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon City logistics : determination of criteria to evaluate locations for micro-depots in Frankfurt Am MainFischer, Michael2017Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon Factors influencing transport mode choiceGérardy, Lisa2017Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon Implementation of an organizational excellence modelDevillers, Cindy2016Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon Implémentation d'un outil de suivi des rejets de CO2 des expéditions de Magotteaux Liège S.A.Andrien, Emily2016Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon Inventory routing problems for the management of returnable transportation items (RTI)Pirotte, Myriem2017Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon Les véhicules autonomes : quelle place en Wallonie ? Impacts potentiels et acceptation socialeRongy, Caroline2016Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon Mithra Pharmaceuticals' supply chain : a step towards a centralized distribution model and postponement strategiesGaspar, Fanny2016Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon Study of the implementation of low emission zones : case study in LiègeBackès, Ann2016Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon Supply chain risk management practices in the automotive industry - an empirical studyReinhart, Larissa2016Limbourg, Sabine ULg
Access icon The end of an outsourcing contract : what's next ? Evaluation of four solutions in the practical case of SCADodemont, Maurine2017Limbourg, Sabine ULg