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Access icon Automated spike analysis for IC production testing solutionsJavaux, Maxime2016Vanderbemden, Philippe ULg
Access icon Business cases for microgrids in Africa - An application study for Rukara, RwandaConde, Patricia2016Ernst, Damien ULg
Access icon Causal feature selection for predicting interventionsVan Buggenhout, François2016Geurts, Pierre ULg
Access icon Computer vision for improving the drone state estimateFonder, Michaël2016Van Droogenbroeck, Marc ULg
Access icon Development of an automatic drowsiness monitoring system using the electrocardiogramBourghelle, Florent2016Verly, Jacques ULg
Access icon Development of an embedded servomotor controllerLempereur, Guillaume2016Boigelot, Bernard ULg
Access icon Dynamic Modeling of PV Units in response to Voltage DisturbancesChaspierre, Gilles2016Van Cutsem, Thierry ULg
Access icon Energy harvesting using heat fluxVandermolen, Eric2016Kraft, Michael ULg
Access icon Evaluation of the accuracy of measurements performed by a spherical array of microphonesBarreiro Sanchez, Iratxe2016Embrechts, Jean-Jacques ULg
Access icon Internet of Things: WLAN Connected ThermostatTakougoum Fonkoua, Thierry2016Kraft, Michael ULg
Access icon Intégration des énergies renouvelables dans les pays en voie de développement. Les cas du solaire et de l'éolien en Afrique de l'Ouest (Burkina Faso et Sénégal) et de l'Est (Kenya et Tanzanie).Bastens, Arnaud2016Magis, Alain ULg
Access icon Machine learning of proxies for power systems reliability managementDuchesne, Laurine2016Wehenkel, Louis ULg
Access icon Master thesis : Automatic identification of football players based on game video sequences for the production of metadataMichel, Tom2017Wehenkel, Louis ULg; Van Droogenbroeck, Marc ULg
Access icon Master thesis : Decentralized MicrogridsSafadi, Iyad2017Ernst, Damien ULg; Fonteneau, Raphaël ULg
Access icon Master thesis : Development of a speed measurement interface for projectiles and moving parts and accuracy analysis of these measurementsJacoby, Jonathan2017Vanderbemden, Philippe ULg
Access icon Master thesis : Development of a vehicle communication interface according to ISO 11898 (CAN) based on a configurable microcontrollerSchöpges, Charlotte2017Vanderbemden, Philippe ULg
Access icon Master thesis : Ear biometrics studies using electroacoustic transducers in headsetsVijgen, Axel2017Embrechts, Jean-Jacques ULg
Access icon Master thesis : Efficient HDL high-level synthesis for FPGA-accelerated CPUs and case study of an image transform kernelTosi, Pierre-Clément2017Boigelot, Bernard ULg
Access icon Master thesis : Image enhancement strategies for land weapon systemsPortelange, Laurent2017Verly, Jacques ULg
Access icon Master thesis : Model-based-design to develop sensorless fanHalin, Anaïs2017Geuzaine, Christophe ULg